Health & Safety


At Winsford Fabrications, we are commited to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. We accept the aims and provisions of health and safety at work etc. act 1974 and all regulations made thereunder.


We recognize that the successful management of health and safety contributes to the overall business performance in a quality business.


Therefore, we are committed to;


Developing a positive health and safety culture throughout the organisation.

Constant reviewing health and safety management and performance in accordance with the objectives identified by the board.

Developing organisational structures appropriate to meeting those ojectives in each section of our business.

The systematic identification and control of risk to health and safety.

Providing the information, instruction, supervision and consultation with the staff and client as nencessary to implement and maintain high standards of health and safety.


We continually work in partnership with our clients to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and working practices. We also work to promote positive policies regarding health concerns at work. Each employee is responsible for ensuring strict adherence to the company's policies and procedures.


Employees must not take any action that endangers them or any employee, customer or other persons having access to the area we manage and occupy.


The policy will be kept under review and amended wherever necessary.


It is also recognised that it has a specific responsibilty for ensuring a healthy and safe environment for its own employees, customers and contractors. The purpose of this statement is to demonstrate how Winsford Fabrications proposes to establish and operate meaningful safety plans for its operations in conjunction with any safety requirements that may be required by its customers.


We are commited to the avoidance of accidents at work and the improved safety and health of all person under our control.

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